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BEST Maui Restaurants, JAWZ Fish Tacos Restaurant in Kihei


I love Jawz Fish Tacos. There have been many an evening when
I stopped at Jawz to get one of their giant, delectable fish tacos
to take home and enjoy while I’m watching Family Guy. What
better way to spend an evening than watching comedy while
burying your face in a fish taco? [ More ]

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Don't Pass Up This Stand!
I know, I know, a Maui fish taco stand in the middle of nowhere
on the way to Makena.  This stand is owned by JAWZ FISH
TACOS a restaurant in Kihei  - (808 874-8226) - Their restaurant
business actually started as this Maui fish taco wagon, now
they have two beautiful restaurant locations .  If you are out
that way stop in they have killer Maui fish tacos and great
smoothies. [ More ]

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JAWZ (Thursday, March 22, 2007)
Some places you go for romance, some for special gourmet
experiences. More often, a place where you can mix food and
fun is a find.

Don’t even try to figure out the “real” name of Jawz. You’ll
find Jawz Island Style Grill, Jawz Fish & Taco, Jawz Island Mexican Grill… and the beat goes on. Doesn’t matter. Jawz Da Kine will do—just Jawz, already. It’s in Azeka Mauka, back by Powerhouse Gym.

This is a place where families can be comfortable, and a crowd can have a good time. Surf TV has been on every time I’ve gone in, and there are always people pushing tables together to be able to party the way they want to. I even saw a business lunch here once, conducted by a guy who obviously came from “the head office.” I mean, who wears a suit and FBI shoes on Maui?

The system here is order and pay at the register, find a table, and your food arrives shortly. There are beers, including Mexican beers, and tequila drinks from the “bar,” which must mean the corner of the cutting board or something. I know, I complained about Matteo’s in Wailea being on the same order-and-delivery system. At Jawz, it doesn’t feel so wrong.

The food is definitely island-style, distinctly Mexican and largely about fish. The menu headings are tacos, taco salad, nachos, quesadilla, chimichanga, tostada plate, chili relleno plate, enchilada pie fajitas plate, dessert, drinks, sides and kid’s menu (under 12 only). You’ll also find mahi, ono, ahi, shrimp, chicken, steak and shredded pork in six of those categories. Hot dogs only appear on the kid’s menu; ice cream is only on the dessert menu. There’s a salsa bar and a table where you pick up your own paper napkins and plastic forks and knives.

Vegetarians can get by fine here, even vegetarians who don’t eat fish. The taco salad, nachos and chimichangas can be made with beans instead of meat or fish. You can order the quesadilla or the enchilada pie made with sautéed vegetables. The quesadilla can be ordered cheese-only.

I like the enchilada pie and the relleno plate, but they are not meals I’d be eager to share. The fun way to eat at Jawz is what some Mainland restaurants call “family style” and some Maui people call “Chinese style.” That means, everyone orders something they’d like, and everyone eats some of whatever is on the table. It turns lunch or dinner into a party.

If you’re at Jawz in a party of just two, try my favorite fiesta: Order a taco and a quesadilla, plus drinks ... [ More ] Written by Joseph W. Bean

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Top 10 MUST DO'S in Maui - Trip Advisor (Aug 25, 2006)
Try Jawz Fish Tacos, an adventure in dining!
We found this place on our last trip to Maui, and we will return to Jawz Fish Tacos when we are in the islands again.
Two locations, one storefront at 1279 S. Kihei Rd. in the Azeka Makai shopping center next to the B of A. The other is a mobile stand in a shingled truck on the way to Makena.
The key is the sauce for the fish tacos... and the fact that the fish is NOT overcooked. It is usually served with a choice of either Ahi, Ono or Mahi.... There is a "salad bar" where you can add salsa (5 levels of hot), cilantro etc. to your own taste.
There are other things on the menu, including chips and salsa, salads, etc... but the fish tacos are some of the best that I have run into and I have only had the Ahi and Ono fish tacos... both are excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed them.
If you like fish tacos, try this place... you will not be disappointed. [ More ]

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Jawz started as a roadside taco stand outside Makena State Park. Now it's a booming business located inside one of Kihei's mini malls, serving up fresh fish tacos, salads, and burritos (especially good when smothered in sauces from the salsa bar) that you'll dream about when you get back home. The restaurant itself is bare-bones—a typical fast-food joint with surf movies playing in the background. But you get heaps of food for under $10—dirt cheap for Maui. [ More ]

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ood: Jawz Tacos started as a roadside truck parked at the entry to Makena Beach Park, but by popular demand soon grew to include an air-conditioned surfer hangout serving taco salads big enough for two. Pile on the sauces at the free salsa bar, where each topping is rated from one to five, five being spiciest [ More ]

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